The Impact of COVID-19 on Gender Pay Equality in the UK Workplace

Monday, June 29th, 2020

In May 2020, the United Kingdom welcomed the 50th anniversary of the Equal Pay Act 1970, which was enacted to ensure the equal treatment of men and women in terms of pay and the conditions of employment. However, in recent months, research has revealed that women have suffered a larger fall in earnings in the […]

EACC-Carolinas Welcomes New Member, Nect2US

Wednesday, June 17th, 2020

EACC-Carolinas is thrilled to welcome new member: Nect2US. Nect2US assists mid-market companies in setting ground in the USA by: Identifying the most suitable options for the business expansion or addition in the United States.  Assisting along the way to ultimately provide a bespoke and ready-to-run and turnkey business structure. Providing continuous executive oversight and supervision. Developing the right supply chain, […]

Trump Executive Order Suspending Immigration— Implications for European-American Business and Investment

Thursday, May 21st, 2020

On April 22, 2020 President Trump issued his latest Executive Order banning entry into the United States by all immigrants. This includes all types of business immigrants whose transfer to the U.S. fosters foreign direct investment (FDI) by European companies. The only principal exceptions to his ban are spouses and children of U.S. citizens, EB-5 […]

Getting out the Message on COVID-19—How AI Has Transformed Multilingual Communication

Thursday, April 30th, 2020

By IVANNOVATION Language Management The COVID-19 outbreak has been met with a warlike response from governments, healthcare providers, and companies. The main weapons of war against COVID-19, include not only medical supplies, but also communication, especially for disease prevention. A delay in communicating vital health information during a viral outbreak can have an exponential effect […]

COVID-19: More flexibility for deploying EU budget money

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2020

April 22, 2020 | The EU is taking further urgent measures to make the best use of cohesion policy money to help tackle the COVID-19 pandemic. The Council today adopted a second legislative act in less than a month amending the rules on the use of EU structural funds, which underpin EU cohesion policy. These changes […]

Federal Reserve announces its Paycheck Protection Program Liquidity Facility is fully operational and available to provide liquidity to eligible financial institutions

Thursday, April 16th, 2020

April 16, 2020 The Federal Reserve on Thursday announced that its Paycheck Protection Program Liquidity Facility is fully operational and available to provide liquidity to eligible financial institutions, which will help support small businesses. The Small Business Administration’s Paycheck Protection Program, or PPP, guarantees loans extended by qualified lenders to small businesses so that those […]

Corona impact on European logistics

Thursday, April 16th, 2020

By: Holland International Distribution Council In unprecedented times, there is still positivity in the Dutch logistics sector In the fifth week of physical distancing in Europe and most of the world, shippers, freight forwarders and logistics companies are trying to bring order to the chaos. Although logistics continuity in Europe has not been threatened, supply […]

Federal Reserve takes additional actions to provide up to $2.3 trillion in loans to support the economy

Tuesday, April 14th, 2020

April 9, 2020 | The Federal Reserve on Thursday took additional actions to provide up to $2.3 trillion in loans to support the economy. This funding will assist households and employers of all sizes and bolster the ability of state and local governments to deliver critical services during the coronavirus pandemic. “Our country’s highest priority […]

10 things the EU is doing to fight the coronavirus

Friday, April 3rd, 2020

April 2, 2020 Find out what the European Institutions are doing to mitigate the impact of the Covid19 outbreak, protect people and the economy and promote solidarity. 1. Slowing the spread of the virus To help limit the transmission of the virus in Europe and beyond, the EU has closed its external borders to non-essential […]


Wednesday, April 1st, 2020

With the outbreak of COVID-19, we have seen the proliferation of significant quantities of news, myths, and disinformation about it – coming from various sources both within and outside of the European Union. The World Health Organisation has stated that the outbreak of and response to COVID-19 has been accompanied by a massive “infodemic”, which […]