Preventing the spread of COVID-19 is a top priority for workplace productivity. But what if not everyone on the team speaks English?

Download Our Free Multilingual Coronavirus (COVID-19) Informational Wall Poster

So are the speakers of other languages in your workplace and community able to read the same important instructional information about preventing infection that you are?

IVANNOVATION Language Management is actively working with employers, immigration firms, and governments to get out the latest information on COVID-19 health and protection in order to help everyone stay healthy no matter what language they speak.

To help you, your workplace, and community, IVANNOVATION has taken recommendations from the CDC, created a poster, and translated it into Burmese, Chinese, French, Spanish, and Russian—some of the top languages of need in North America.
If you would like to obtain this information free of charge, click here and download the posters you need or download a ZIP file of all of the posters.
If your team isn’t healthy, your team won’t be productive. English speakers have plenty of resources to learn about COVID-19 prevention, but what about speakers of other languages? 

Place these posters on workplace bulletin boards in break rooms and hallways. Place them on public community notice boards wherever they might benefit speakers of other languages. Let’s work together to help each other stay healthy and happy!