EACC – Carolinas Welcomes New Member, Mach Media

For over a decade, armed with a potent combination of experience and creativity, Mach Media has been tackling the big, hairy marketing and communication challenges of global companies; ensuring they deliver a strong performance every time.

Innovating. Storytelling. Educating. Connecting. We’re your secret sauce; the marketing and communications colleagues to have on your side to face the uncertainties of business with intelligence, creativity, confidence and flair.

With offices in the US and in Belgium, Mach Media caters to companies expanding globally, and specializes in guiding European companies that want to launch or expand their presence in the US market. Our international team understands the challenges and sensitivities that come with communicating with a diverse customer base.

Mach Media is the right choice for companies with great ambitions. We can tackle your strategic, creative and brand-positioning needs – from paid and earned media to digital marketing strategy and website development – we establish companies as industry leaders.