About Us

The European American Chamber of Commerce Carolinas is an independent, membership organization dedicated to stimulating business and networking relations between Europe and the Carolinas region (North and South Carolina). EACC – Carolinas provides educational offerings, business seminars and other events to promote relationship-building and information sharing among business, government and economic development/trade organizations. EACC – Carolinas is business-led, but works in partnership with government and non-profit entities.

Reasons to become part of the EACC Network

The European American Chamber of Commerce opens up all of Europe for U.S. companies & provides access to the U.S. Market for European companies.

If you are active in the transatlantic corridor you want to be part of our network. We offer:

Transatlantic Relations & Business Opportunities

Trade & Investment Resources

Business Insights & Thought Leadership

Networking & Connections

To learn more about what the European American Chamber of Commerce can do for you or to join go to the Member Benefits page or call us at (864) 230-7746.